Kay's Boutique Café Has Come From Bangkok to French Toast You

They've Got Some Pretty Batsh•t Drinks, Too


While you ponder whether to abandon Facebook once and for all, your Instagram account wonders, "where does that leave me?" One idea: going to Kay's Boutique Café, a Bangkok operation popping up in Nolita for a few months and tempting us with its precious, portable French toasts. One such toast—which comes in stick variety—is a brûlée custardy vanilla variety with almond cream and banana sandwiched in between. It's topped with almond and bacon crumbles. You wash that down with something called the B.O.M.B., which somehow makes a mixture of black truffle, Oreo, milk pudding and Belgian chocolate drinkable. 

Mar 22-Jun 30, Kay’s Boutique Café, 240 Mulberry St (between Prince and Spring) 

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