Baltimore-Based Korean Pop-Up Haenyo Swings Through New York This Week

Two Nights of Gochu-Garlic Pork Belly and Shortrib Meatballs at Egg

By Ilana Dadras ·

Baltimore-based pop-up Haenyo has been bringing the very best Maryland harvest cooked in the Korean tradition to choice restaurants in Philly, DC and Baltimore for the past few years—and this week, they're bringing their unique take on Korean classics to Brooklyn for the first time. Egg, specifically.

So, grab a date and head on over Wednesday or Thursday. Start the evening up front, where they'll be spinning Baltimore tunes and setting guests up with board games, cards and cocktails. Some homemade banchan, too, should you be too famished to wait for the main dining room experience. When that comes, head back for plates of Samgyeopsal (gochu-garlic pork belly with kelp cracklins and wasabi arugula), Tteokgalbi (short-rib meatballs with scallions and fish sauce panko) and bowls of roasted crab soup with umami broth and radish.

Mar 21 & Mar 22, 7pm—11pm, Haenyo at Egg, 109 N 3rd St (between Berry and Wythe), no reservations necessary

Photo by Dale Kieger of the Johns Hopkins Magazine

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