Sam Won Garden: The Oldest Korean BBQ in Existence Lands in K-Town

And It's Got Everything You'd Want It to Have

By Ilana Dadras ·

42 years is a long time. 

Enough time, one might argue, to perfect the art of cooking choice cuts of beef over a small, tabletop fire. 

Related: here's Sam Won Garden, the oldest KBBQ spot in all of existence, and you're damn right its first American outpost is open right now in K-Town. 

The interior is sleek, neutral and inoffensive: slate gray and marble and clean lines and the like. Come with a group of friends. Co-workers. A birthday group dinner you're organizing, bless your soul. Gather round a table, centered around a promising open grill you're about to place prime cuts of beef, all butchered in-house and some dry-aged for up to 40 days. 

But before that: Korean beef tartare, marinated fried chicken wings, octopus carpaccio. And some good red wine. Your menu is here, full of egg souffles and kimchi poutine and other goodness, and specifying all the short rib, New York strip, brisket, ribeye, and every other protein you could possibly encounter.

You'll find an assortment of said food-items and where you'll consume them, right here

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