Legacy Records: A Handsome All-Day Establishment from the Charlie Bird Guys

An Italian-Leaning Menu and Drinks from a PDT Alum in Hudson Yards

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

Straight into it on this fine Friday afternoon with Legacy Records, a handsome new establishment from the Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones team—who know how to open the hell out of a restaurant and have done so. It's open all the damn day long in Hudson Yards.

A few pertinent facts and a menu below, then we'll send you off, a bit better-informed, into a series of photographs. 


—Drop by in the daylight and you'll find the front café, dubbed Easy Victor, alive and well. Use it for coffee, croissants and getting some work done. Alternatively, use it for a coffee date, and know that the space was designed by Ken Fulk when he/she comments on the modern, elegant interiors. 

—Later in the day, head further in to Legacy Records proper—for crudo platters, lamb sugo cavatelli and chestnut tagliatelli with duck ragu. The menu leans Italian, with plenty of seafood and oven-roasted mains. It's also right here, should you want to look at it.

—Why the name? The space used to house Legacy Recordings Studio, and the owners love themselves some good records. That's why.

—Jeff Bell, top mixologist from PDT, spearheaded the cocktail program here. Of note: The Winter Spritz, a pleasing mixture of Aperol, blood orange, Prosecco and pomegranate. Sometimes you've got to force summer. 

Okay now—if you're not already in the slideshow, get in there.

Legacy Records, now open, 517 W 38th St (between 10th and 11th), see the menu

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