Le Chick Rotisserie

Finally, Rotisserie Chicken With a Side of Late-Night Lounge

Le Chick Is the Best Kind of Different

By Ginger Harris ·
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Wynwood's first Old West saloon

Wynwood's first rooftop bar

Those were good firsts.

But they should probably watch their backs, because here comes Wynwood's first rotisserie chicken spot that doubles as a late-night lounge. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of Le Chick Rotisserie, opening tomorrow in this attractive form

Tomorrow is as good a day as any to scoop up a friend who's also craving buttermilk crispy fried chicken with spicy maple syrup and make your way here.

"Here" being an industrial-looking space with rustic steelwork and antique mirrors scattered about. It looks and feels like its Dutch counterpart, Rotisserie Amsterdam, but with a decidedly more Miami feel. And a thick blue curtain that divides the lounge from the rest of the space. Yes, a rotisserie with a lounge. Cue the Miami feel.

But first things first. Head to the dine-in counter and order rotisserie chicken in a full or half size. Don't skip the truffle fries. Or go rogue, skip the chicken altogether and opt for BBQ pork ribs. Again, don't skip the truffle fries.

As one thing leads to another, you'll find yourself further back to the left in the lounge with a round of Fowl Plays and their bourbon, mint and coffee bitters. Hang out on the sofa. Listen to the live music. Consider dancing.

Then, consider the late-night menu of burgers, chicken and fries that kicks off at midnight.

It's like they're inside your head.

Ginger Harris

On a typical Wednesday, Ginger Harris is likely seeking reposado tequila, squeezing her way to the front of a concert or jumping on the back of an Indian motorcycle. That’s just Wednesdays, though.


Le Chick Rotisserie
310 NW 24th St
Miami , FL, 33127


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