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Al Fresco Tacos and 41 Tequilas in Doral

There's a Cancun Grill Within Reach Now

By Ginger Harris ·
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We get it.

The likelihood of you driving to Miami Lakes for Mexican is slim, no matter how good it is.

But now, after nearly three decades, Cancun Grill is expanding to Doral on Monday, thus making the trek for their beloved South of the Border delights much less of... well, a trek. Bonus: she's a beauty.

Before we go on, it's worth mentioning that there's an all-you-can-eat tacos situation on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And we'll also mention that it has a massive tequila and mezcal collection. 41 of the former, nine of the latter, to be exact.

Think about that as you walk into the industrial space and head toward the bar just to the right of the entrance. Simply follow the turquoise mosaic floor all the way to your stool. Along the way, you'll pass boldly colored murals, Mexican-themed tiles and ceramic tchotchkes.

After ordering a round of La Passion cocktails with tequila, passion fruit liqueur and pineapple nectar, head back to one of those authentic Mexican tables you wandered past earlier and get to know the menu. The guac with crispy ribeye is made to order. The marinated pork for your pastor tacos are cut straight from the "trompo" grill and served with pineapple and avocado sauce.

And we implore you, don't call it a night without a drink out on the terrace.

We can't help you if you're not willing to help yourself.

Ginger Harris

On a typical Wednesday, Ginger Harris is likely seeking reposado tequila, squeezing her way to the front of a concert or jumping on the back of an Indian motorcycle. That’s just Wednesdays, though.

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