Wynwood's First and Only Rooftop Lounge

Skyline Views and a Tiki Bar High Above the Streets Below

By Ginger Harris ·
Photo: Adorned Photography

What follows is about Wynwood's first and only rooftop bar.

So surely you've already deduced that what follows is very, very important.

Yes, Chef Norman Van Aken is about to bestow upon us No. 3 Social, your only chance to look down upon the artsy streets below from the warm confines of a tiki bar, stellar cocktail in hand. She opens this weekend in the Wynwood Arcade, and here's what she looks like.

You and your group will start by taking the private entrance up to the rooftop. The evening breeze will touch your face. Everyone around you will be laughing and smiling. You'll eyeball one of the cozy seating areas with strong oasis vibes and decide that's where you'd like to spend your evening.

Or maybe you'll just set up shop at that tiki bar. Probably that. It's there where you'll find concoctions like the Beauty Secret, which blends vodka with collagen, egg white and blueberry. And look up. Why, yes, that is a rectangular glass roof. So that's neat. But there will also be live music because this is a rooftop and you're not barbarians.

And if it seems like this place would make a nice after-dinner hangout, you're in luck. That is, once Aken's restaurant downstairs, dubbed Three, starts dishing its exclusive three-, four- and seven-course prix-fixe menus early next month.

But for now, just sit back and enjoy your collagen drink.

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