Mr. Wright's Gold Digger Saloon

A Funky, Old West-Themed Saloon Lands in Wynwood

Serving Healthy Elixirs by Day and "Poisons" by Night

By Ginger Harris ·
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You know that saying about how the road to hell is paved with good intentions?

Somewhere along that road lies Mr. Wright's Gold Digger Saloon. It's an impossibly kitschy, Wild West-themed bar in Wynwood that, by day, serves all manner of healthy elixirs. But, by night, serves all manner of cocktails that they've dubbed "poisons." Both personalities are open now, and here's the slideshow.

You and your friends will spot this place from miles away. Once you show up, head past the general store, the blacksmith's area and the cowboy hats, where you'll finally find the bar outfitted in antiques and stocked with moonshine and organic liquors. Yes, that was a real sentence.

Depending on your arrival time, energize with the Prairie Dog's blend of freshly squeezed carrots, apples and organic honey. Or, after 5pm, tap into the bar's darker side with tequila in a dirty glass with a worm. Or perhaps the Mr. Wright's Miracle Cure-All with tequila, punch and lime juice. Yes, perhaps that instead.

Drinks in hand, it's off to the patio. You'll wander past cow skulls and dining tables in the "brothel" on your way to the lounge seating. But soon enough, that very brothel is where you'll feast upon things like ground bison and gold-dusted, maple-glazed candied bacon served in Mason jars.

So, pretty subtle place.

Ginger Harris

On a typical Wednesday, Ginger Harris is likely seeking reposado tequila, squeezing her way to the front of a concert or jumping on the back of an Indian motorcycle. That’s just Wednesdays, though.


Mr. Wright's Gold Digger Saloon
111 NE 20th St
Miami , FL, 33137


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