What Spotify Tells Us We Like This Week

A Musical Search of Our Psyches: February 26, 2018


Spotify Discover playlists are the secret best playlists generated for humans today. They do two things, simultaneously, that few other programs do well: introduce you to songs and artists you like but had never actually heard before, based on very intense and specific information you've fed them over the course of your extensive listenings. And, maybe more important, they don't include Bill Withers's "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone" unless it's appropriate.  It's a nearly unattainable combination anywhere else. 

Another thing Discover playlists do is serve as an abstract audio documentation of where you were generally at in life last week. A passive-aggressive nudge that says, "hey, you know there are other good alt-country artists besides Ryan Adams." It would be annoying if it weren't right so much of the time. So this week, we introduce What Spotify Tells Us We Like This Week, a psychomusical analysis of our own relationships to the increasingly sentient algorithms of the world's largest streaming music operation:

For the most part, I'm highly on board with this playlist. One particular wild card, though, is a track called "Confession" off of Budgie(?)'s album Panty Soakers 3. The only plausible explanation for this standout could be my recent obsession with Babyfather by Sade, which I discovered on Frank Ocean's summer playlist and have listened to maybe 3,000 times since. Sure, yeah. Let's blame it on that and never speak of this again. — Ilana Dadras

Spotify, pretty rudely I might add, is picking up on my sad girl vibe this week. Thankfully, the integrity of the playlist is saved by Joni Mitchell and Billy Joel. Mostly because I'm from Long Island which means I am Billy Joel and Billy Joel is me, except you know, he's far richer and more talented. Whatever. — Lea Weatherby

Gordon Lightfoot, Sturgill Simpson and Eddie Grant walk into a playlist. The punchline probably goes a little something like my Monday morning. — Kelly Larson

My goal, at the beginning of the week, is not to feel uncommonly energized. It's to feel like it's Wednesday, and as quickly as possible. Wednesdays, you're calm. You've settled into your work. You're level-headed and focused and you get shit done. This playlist looks like it'll take me straight to Wednesday Town, and I'm glad to be aware of a José González cover of Joy Division. — Geoff Rynex

The one-two punch of Angel Olsen's "Unfucktheworld" and Chad VanGaalen's "Clinically Dead" says more about my outlook than I would like to admit. — Sam Eichner

Wow, so this is dark as hell this week but also extremely appropriate as this February has been weird and not great. Last week was tough, and songs from bands I’ve never heard of called, “Stay in the Dark”, “Not Lonely, Just Alone”, and my personal favorite, “Wasted Year” seem to be coloring an apt picture. I’m fun guys, I swear. — Bailey Edwards

Perhaps it's because I'm feeling "off" this morning, but this playlist isn't really serving me anything useful. I need some music with strong emotions this week and everything on this playlist is giving me elevator folk music. There's also a song by Tim Heidecker called "Trump's Private Pilot" and I don't want any mention of Trump on my Discover Weekly. Sorry. — Kady Ruth Ashcraft

ED NOTE: Heidecker's got Father John Misty doing a version of it on the end of the album. It's beautiful. 

ED NOTE 2: Trump is apparently less superstitious than he comes across, as he now reportedly wants to hire his private pilot to head of the FAA (in the song, said pilot promises to crash the plane, for America).

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