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Shred a Photo of Your Ex, Get Free Hot Wings

It's the Sort of Valentine's Day Promotion Only the People at Hooters Could Dream Up

By Lea Weatherby ·
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Forget about the relationship you’re not currently in and especially forget about the relationship you’re currently fostering. In fact, forget everything you’ve been told about Valentine’s day and instead, start thinking about Hooters and all the free wings you’re going to get simply by ripping up a photo of your shitty ex.

For today only, Hooters will be celebrating Valentine’s Day right, with their third annual #ShredYourEx promo, where Hooters girls serve up 10 free boneless wings with the purchase of any 10 wings. Yeah, there’s a bit of a caveat, but when isn’t there? Shred that crumpled, tear-soaked photo of your ex and keep your eyes on the 10-piece prize that’s calling to your cold, dead, unbroken heart.

You have two options for free, wing-eating, ex-shredding savagery: either bring yourself and a photo of your ex to the nearest Hooters and shred accordingly, or visit Hooters’ Shred Your Ex site, upload the ex, enjoy a digital shred fest and boom, 10 free wings.

It's catharsis of the tackiest, messiest, tastiest kind. 

Lea Weatherby

Lea is a writer, editor and moonlighter who desperately seeks your dog's approval.

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