Flight Is a Powerful, Immersive New Theater Experience at the McKittrick Hotel

You've Never Seen a Show Like This

By Ilana Dadras ·

If you've experienced Sleep No More and The Illusionist's Table, it should come as no surprise that The McKittrick Hotel's latest performance, Flight, is an emotional and beautifully presented show. Equally unique and surprising as the productions we've experienced here before, Flight is a 45-minute story of human courage presented in an entirely new way.

It's an adaptation of the novel Hinterland by Caroline Brothers: a powerful story illustrating the terrible realities of the refugee crisis. Not a light date-night performance, no—powerful stuff that sparks necessary conversation. Following its critically acclaimed debut at The Edinburgh International Festival, Flight received the “Herald Angel Award” and will now set down at The McKittrick's The Heath for eight weeks.

Flight, $45, now playing at The McKittrick Hotel, 542 West 27th St (between 10th and 11th), 212-904-1880, tickets here

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