General Deb's: Faro's Michelin-Starred Chef Takes on Sichuan Cuisine

Warm Noodles and Sichuan Classics in a Low-Key Bushwick Space

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

Michelin-starred Chef Kevin Adey has called Bushwick home for nine years.

Nine long, local Sichuan-less years. 

And so, the Faro chef is doing something about it—he's opening his own spot focused on the noodle culture of Sichuan. It's called General Deb's, and it's opening tonight.

Let's get you two familiar.

You'll find it two blocks away from Faro, the upscale Italian spot that collected its first Michelin star in 2016. It's the second project Adey is opening alongside his wife, Debbie—in case you're wondering where the name comes from, there it is. This spot will be a hell of a lot more casual than Faro—both in the vibe (walk-in only, casual noodle-shop sort of feel), food (traditional renditions of Sichuan classics) and presentation (not reinventing any wheels), but that doesn't mean the food is any less stellar.

There's a real focus on organic seasonal produce and sourcing meat from local farms that treat their animals well, so you can feel good when ordering your pork wontons on a hot and sour mix of chili oil, scallions, soy and ginger (although, same result for the pig). Also when ordering your Dan Dan Mian (egg noodles with minced pork and homemade pickled mustard in sesame sauce), or when going to town on some Niurou Mian (beef noodle soup with red-cooked cows head in an anise-infused broth). 

To drink, there's local beer on draft, or straight-forward cocktails with logical twists, like the Rye (peanut-infused rye, peated-whisky and sweet vermouth) or the Mezcal (mezcal, reposado tequila, luxardo maraschino, grenadine and Sichuan peppercorn).

Now let's drive this home with some photos. Happy Thursday.

General Deb's, 24 Irving Ave (at Jefferson St), 718-417-3300, see the menu and see the slideshow

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