The Sound Bite

Live Jazz, Blackened Wings and Cocktails Crafed by a Bonafide Biochemist

Hell's Kitchen Is Alive and Well

By Ilana Dadras ·

A world renowned jazz vocalist, Emmy Award-winning news anchor and nutritional biochemist walk into a bar...

Their bar, to be specific. 

It's called The Sound Bite, and it's a new jazz-centric establishment now open in Hell's Kitchen. 

A little backstory: the couple behind this spot had always dreamed of opening a restaurant that combined their passions, media and jazz. And that's just what we've got here: the room is wired for broadcast, with an area for live productions and walls lined with head shots of media and jazz icons. 

For now, they'll have live jazz three nights a week, and their comfort food-focused menu will feature dishes like southern-smoked shrimp-topped mac and cheese and blackened wings with cajun remoulade (or five other sauces, take your pick). And yeah, the cocktail list was curated by a biochemist, so you can expect drinks with extensive ingredient lists that aim to do something good for you—a couple of note include the wild ginseng beer cocktail and a tequila-pineapple option with anis, tamarind and lime. 

The Sound Bite, now open, 737 9th Ave (at W 50th), 917-409-5868, see the menu

Ilana Dadras

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