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A Fully Immersive Drinking Experience Like No Other

Think of It as a Cross Between a Fancy Cocktail Bar and Virtual Reality

By Sam Eichner ·
All Photos: The Berkeley Hotel

In a secret room hidden in the ever-sophisticated Berkeley hotel, in London, there exists an immersive cocktailing experience like no other on the planet (earth, that is)...

It’s called Out of the Blue, and it’s something like a cross between a very fancy cocktail bar and a very advanced virtual reality project. Rest assured, it’s the first of its kind—and that a substantial amount of booze is involved.

To participate, you’ll...have to go to London. Sorry. There’s no way around that. But once there, you’ll visit the website and make a reservation. The room only accommodates four people per hour, so you can imagine it’s a pretty hot ticket...

On the day and time of your reservation, you’ll arrive at The Berkeley, ready to be whisked away on a magical cocktailing adventure. Then, you’ll be escorted to a hidden space within “the heart of the hotel,” where all of this cool stuff goes down.

The room is a 360-degree projection environment, meaning you’ll be surrounded on all sides by screens capable of transporting you to some very nice places. Thankfully, they’ve specifically designed film, combined with molecular scents, to match a totally bespoke set of four taster-sized cocktails, made with the fine spirits of the Bacardi Limited portfolio. So, for example: if they serve you their take on the daiquiri, the space around you might transform into a beach overlooking the Caribbean Sea while the sun sets—because there’s no better place to enjoy a daiquiri than on a beach overlooking the Caribbean Sea while the sun sets. The scent of the room may change as well, thus creating an environment where what see entwines with what you taste entwines with what you hear entwines with what you taste.   

The whole experience is basically cocktail-induced synesthesia—aka, the best kind of synesthesia.  

Sam Eichner

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