A Gorgeous Historic Saratoga Springs Hotel to Abscond to This Winter

Jacuzzi-Having Suite, Cocktail Bar, Acclaimed Steakhouse: All Check.

By Ilana Dadras ·
Greg Ceo

Got weekend plans?

You're sure as hell about to.

Because here's The Adelphi Hotel, an extremely attractive place of historic significance that's been newly renovated for your weekend jaunt-ing pleasure. It's a mere three hour drive up to Saratoga Springs, and it's now open and waiting for you to reserve its most luxurious Polaris or Owner's Box suite. More on those later. 

First, let's collectively fade into a snowy Sunday morning, not far from now...

7:02am: Your eyelids flutter open. You're momentarily shocked and confused, then totally pleased to find yourself in a spectacular suite: all rich velvets, plush bedding, a royal blue tufted headboard behind you. But yeah, it's far too early. Back to sleep you drift, with ease.  

9:14am: You awake at a more humane hour.

9:16am: Walking towards the doors to your private terrace, you notice it's snowing. How quaint.  

10:25am: Down to The Blue Hen you go for a breakfast of king crab Benedict on a gruyère popover. Your partner in weekend jaunt-ing goes with an order of croissant French toast topped with apple compote and bourbon maple syrup. You're slightly jealous of their choice, but only slightly.

11:47am: You decide a spa visit is in order. In better weather, you may utilize one of the hotel's complimentary golden bikes, but seeing as it's snowing, a cab escorts you to the nearby Roosevelt Baths.

12:22pm: Maybe a leisurely mineral soak. Maybe a warm Adirondack stone massage. Maybe you say fuck it and have them cover you in detoxifying algae. 

3:00pm: Feeling like a new human, you make your way back to the hotel. 

3:26pm: Up to your suite for a soak in the jacuzzi on your terrace overlooking downtown Saratoga.

3:28pm: Your partner fetches a bottle of champagne to enjoy in said jacuzzi. You knew you liked them.

6:01pm: Hunger strikes. Down to the adjoining steakhouse that's got a chef awarded four stars by The Times. A black Angus filet mignon coated in black truffle-foie gras sauce sounds about right. If the place looks familiar, this may be why.

8:22pm: Hell yeah, you should share the hazelnut crème brûlée. 

8:58pm: On the hotel's ground floor, you'll find Morrissey's—a bar named after the entrepreneur (/prizefighter/gangster/congressman) credited with bringing horse racing to Saratoga. Just some history to ponder over a Templemore (brandy, amaretto, espresso, allspice, absinthe rinse) or Over Under (rye, lilet blanc, lemon, honey, vanilla liquor).

10:49pm: You both retire to your suite for a nightcap and some reading laid out on the cozy velvet couch. 

Sure, we can give you some privacy...

The Adelphi Hotel, now open, 365 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, 518-678-6000, see the slideshow

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