10 Places Actually Worth Going to For Restaurant Week

Truffle Risotto at Vaucluse, Spicy Crab Beignets at Legasea and Other Dishes You Need In Your Life

By Ilana Dadras ·
Justin Levy

Winter Restaurant Week kicks off again in just a few days, your favorite excuse to have a leisurely three-course lunch on a Tuesday.

But with over 300 restaurants participating over the nearly two week event, there's a lot of not-as-choice options to cull through when searching for the perfect lunch or dinner spot. And being the restaurant-obsessed humans we are with hearts of gold and too much time on our hands to dedicate to this sort of thing, we went ahead and did the culling for you.

What you'll see now are our 10 favorite picks for this winter's Restaurant Week: from Ai Fiori to Leuca; from Legasea to Vaucluse. Book early, book often. 

Ilana Dadras

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