Hey, Let's Cast the Fire and Fury TV Series

Stormy Daniels as Ivanka, Nathan Fielder as Jared and...

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Yesterday, news broke that Michael Wolff's controversial tell-all about the chaos of the Trump administration's first year in the White House, Fire and Fury, will be adapted for television by Endeavor Content. 

It's pretty exciting news. And it got us thinking...in an ideal world, where we were in charge, who would we cast as Trump? Or Bannon? Or any of the other spineless goons wandering the halls of 1600 Penn? 

Rosie O'Donnell as Donald Trump
Nothing could piss him off more. 

Nathan Fielder as Jared Kushner
He can nail the quiet sociopathic tendencies required for the role.

Porn star Stormy Daniels as Ivanka Trump
Apparently, Trump already said Daniels reminded him of his daughter, so...

Julianne Moore as Melania Trump
She can turn up the iciness necessary for the part. 

John Slattery as Vice President Mike Pence
"Think Roger Sterling. Then do the exact opposite."

Vince Vaughn as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
We're willing to give him one more chance at a serious role, and since Tillerson will no doubt be out at some point, we probably don't have to live with Vaughn for more than one season.

Gwyneth Paltrow as KellyAnne Conway
Let's double down on the hatred. 

Martin Freeman as Attorney General Jeff Sessions
He already has experience playing a hobbit.

Jake Busey as Eric Trump
This just makes sense.

A small CGI talking dog chained to the Oval Office desk as Donald Trump, Jr.

Michael Kelly as Chief of Staff John Kelly 
Could they be related?

Michael Shannon as Paul Manafort
What can we say? They've both got meaty faces and a history of playing villains.

Tony Hale as Reince Priebus 
Reprising his role on Veep

Cecily Strong as Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders
You have to admit there's a slight physical resemblance. 

Anna Kendrick as Hope Hicks
Provided she doesn't break into song, this could work.

Fred Armisen as Michael Wolff
Just watch this clip

And presenting Chet the Monster from Weird Science as Steve Bannon...

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