Here's How a Daniel Vet-Chef Does Modern Korean

You Need Soogil's Spicy Tofu-Seafood Broth. You Just Do.

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

Three words: Spicy soft tofu.

Chant them under your breath. Whisper them to your loved ones. Just think of them for a few seconds, if your memory works well like that.

But remember those words. 

Because come time for you to try Soogil, they're the three words you must say to your waiter. Right, Soogil: that's the new modern Korean spot we're going to talk about today, and it's opening tonight in the East Village.

It's a bright, sleek-looking spot: with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking East 4th, wooden tables, and a desirable nook straight back that'll sit you and 6 of your closest Korean food-loving comrades. Come with them. Claim said nook. Start with some sake or makgeolli (their liquor license should be in within the week) before inspecting the menu crafted by Soogil Lim—a chef who, here, is combining the influence of seven years at Daniel and four years at Korean spot Hanjan. 

What that means for you: pork belly with a kimchi roll and salty shrimp sauce, braised short rib with winter vegetables and that afore-hyped soft tofu dish, which consists of tofu flan topped with shrimp, squid, manila clams, served with a gravy boat full of hot, spicy seafood broth. 

Just about everything we mentioned is right here in photo-form, if you care to check that out. Happy Tuesday.

Soogil, now open, 108 E 4th St (between 1st and 2nd), 646-838-5524, see the menu and the slideshow

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