Trendy French-Southern Take Out in the East Village

With a Limited Menu of Biscuits, Spiral Salads and Space Cakes

By Ilana Dadras ·

Say hello to Pinky's Space: a new takeout-only spot serving up a unique hybrid of French and Southern cuisine, open as of yesterday in the East Village. 

The spot is all checkerboard floors, black-and-white striped counters and a wall covered in graffiti hearts: a trendy nook to wait in as your braised brisket or ratatouille is prepared. All mains are served with buttermilk and cornmeal biscuits, and the only dessert on offer is a space cake: a marbled red velvet-brownie-banana yogurt cake with chocolate and cherries.

Now open, Pinky's Space, 70 E 1st (between 1st Ave and 2nd Ave), 212-473-2042

Ilana Dadras

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