7 Cocktails That Make It Feel Like Winter in Miami

We May Not Have Sweater Weather, But We Do Have Mulled Wine and Rum-Spiked Dominican Coffee

By Ginger Harris ·
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Minor Grayson effects aside, our fair city isn't exactly the most wintry. 

And at the risk of sounding presumptuous... you're probably just fine with that.

But on the off chance the occasional craving for seasonal change creeps in while it's still a balmy 70-degrees out, feel free to fake it with these seven cocktails that make it feel like winter

The rums, the bourbons, the spices, the warmth. If you sample enough of them (and turn the AC down far enough) you may just convince yourself that the season between fall and spring is possible here after all.

Guess there's only one way to find out...

Ginger Harris

On a typical Wednesday, Ginger Harris is likely seeking reposado tequila, squeezing her way to the front of a concert or jumping on the back of an Indian motorcycle. That’s just Wednesdays, though.

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