You're Taking Your Next Date to St Tropez

The Charming, Provençal-Inspired West Village Nook, That Is

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

The West Village, your classic standby date neighborhood, has recently been getting a run for its money by the Dumbo waterfront. 

Today, the West Village strikes back...

We're sending you and your significant other/object of desire/person you enjoy eating food with to St Tropez, an incredibly charming and very French restaurant and wine bar, opening tomorrow on West 4th. 

You'll find the spot has a really warm, neighborhood feel—maybe it's the wooden everything, maybe it's the huge windows overlooking a quaint West Village street, maybe it's the white pine shelves filled with ample desirable wine. And while on the topic, you've got more than 40 French varietals served by the glass to consider—from Provence to Corsica, and all major wine-growing regions in between. The GM/wine curator is a St. Tropez native who recently worked at Aria Wine Bar in the West Village, and the combination of said factors makes him seem up to the task. 

When hunger strikes, and oh how it strikes, you'll have a chef who received a Michelin Star while leading the kitchen at Paris’ Hotel Vernet to assist with a heavily Provençal menu. Start with beef meatballs in ratatouille or mussels in a tomato-pepper-white wine sauce. Maybe continue with a beef tartar with avocado, basil and parmesan. Perhaps continue further with French duck confit shephard's pie or truffle mac-and-cheese. Or if you'd prefer to do the oysters and/or cheese-and-charcuterie thing, that's highly respected around these parts as well.

Judge the accuracy of our descriptions right here, or just have a look at some photos and get on with your day.

Ilana Dadras

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