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The Finest Thanksgiving Pies in All the Land

The Pecans. The Pumpkins. The...Others

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Since time immemorial, Thanksgiving has purported to be a holiday whose primary food focus is the blessed turkey and its loyal side-dish apostles: the cranberry sauce, the stuffing, the gravy, the sweet potatoes, the brussel sprout sliders.

But what if everything you thought you knew about Thanksgiving was wrong? What if turkey wasn’t the star? What if the pilgrims didn’t even really like turkey? What if the real, true star of this annual feast is the pie? Or, more likely, pies? 

Before you huff and puff in protest, click through this slideshow, which we've taken the liberty of filling with seven of the most glorious Thanksgiving pies from across the country. It's important. And nice to look at. 

It's mostly nice to look at.

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