What to Wear, Carry and Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner

A Good Impression, in Five Parts

By Ilana Dadras ·

With just two days left until Thanksgiving, we've got to assume you've got your duffel bag packed with all the essentials for a long-weekend away, a handsome sweater worthy of a compliment from an elderly relative laid out, and the perfect gift for your girlfriend's mom wrapped and waiting on the mantel.

In our mental image of you, you have a mantel.

But just in case you've slept on one or all of the above items, we've rounded up five things to help you handle Thanksgiving better than most: from the app that makes packing almost too easy, to the duffel that can fit it all in, to a gift your host might actually want. 

Oh, and since we know you've got one, maybe two days to get your act together, it's all stuff you can scoop up in the city.

We're here for you...

Ilana Dadras

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