Father’s Day for New Yorkers

Only the Finest Gifts, Dinners and Style Moves for Your Old Man

By Ilana Dadras ·
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See, here’s the thing about all those Father’s Day Guides undoubtedly populating your Inbox right now.

Those people couldn’t possibly know what your dad likes, wants, or means to you.

And to be fair, we don’t either.

But we can go ahead and presume he might fit into a few highly specific dad categories, and then present the perfect gifts, style ideas and activities for each said fatherly figure. Which sounds more helpful than the rest, now doesn’t it.

So whether you’ve got a dad who’s into working out, outdoor adventures, or all things vinyl, we’ve got all the fitbit-like rings, artisan-painted canoe paddles and audiophile-inspired jewelry you may want to gift him on the immiment holday celebrating his very existence.

We’ll kick things off with Corporate Dad...
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