Everything About Ferris Is Attractive

From the Food From a Le Turtle Vet-Chef, to the Drinks From Death & Co Alums

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

Well, hello, Ferris.

We see you've got a real dream team behind you.

One responsible for your excess of long oak benches, beautifully presented mezcal-pineapple-jalapeño cocktails and impressive-looking plates strewn with beets, black sesame tahini and shaved coconut.

You'll be pleased to know we'll be adding you to our date spot rotation.

No, thank you.

The place we speak of (er, to): the newest restaurant tucked inside Made Hotel, now open in Flatiron.

The space was designed by the LA firm behind Gjelina (they do good space work): and it's all spruce beams, hand-painted Japanese tiles, long banquettes covered in blue and gold pillows... summer-y and bright and ever so date-appropriate.

Now, one option: post up at the limestone chef's counter for some drinks. Say, a Gold & Delicious (apple brandy, Japanese whisky, almond and Castilian bitters) for them. An Eau de Spa (mezcal, jalapeno, carrot, cilantro, pineapple, lime) for yourself. The cocktail-slinging husband-wife duo you may know from Death and Company, Maison Premiere or Nightcap is behind these flavors, and as such, you can't really go wrong.

Another option: bring a date, settle into seats at the long, cozy banquette, and allow plates of blood sausage with grilled dates; mackerel with egg yolk, Italian plum and ponzu; and Okinawa sweet potato with pumpkin mustard and buttermilk to populate the space between you and your date. Said date all but guaranteed to enjoy such things. In addition to having been the exec chef at Le Turtle, your chef here has put in time at Eleven Madison Park and Blanca, so we trust him with things like carrot agnolotti with lamb neck and pickled squash. Here's your menu; have a look.

We could stay here and continue to name drop impressive humans and establishments, but we've got a slideshow to get into.

So let's go...

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