Roberta's Orange Wine Festival Is a Must

A Whole Roasted Pig, Tons of Pizza and Over 30 Rare Orange Wines. Sure.

By Ilana Dadras ·

This Sunday, legendary Bushwick pizza spot Roberta's will be throwing an Orange Wine Festival, with the commendable goal of teaching the public all about orange wine. 

For you, that means sampling over 30 rare orange wines by the half-glass, flight, or bottle, asking bartenders any pressing questions you might have, then enjoying some pizza, seasonal dishes and/or a whole roasted pig. Odds of you enjoying this event: most certainly in your favor.

Oct 15, 12pm-6pm, Roberta's, 261 Moore St (at Bogart), call 718-417-1118 for reservations

Ilana Dadras cannot discern between situations in which sarcasm is and is not appropriate. Her favorite things include mezcal cocktails, Big Sur and writing about herself in the third person.

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