Well Damn, These Coconut-Based Soft Serve Bowls Are Beautiful

Highly Instagrammable Goodness at The Bowery Market

By Ilana Dadras ·

Kokus will be doing a pop-up at The Bowery Market today through Sunday, and giving away coconut draft lattes from La Colombe while they're at it. It's the city's first soft serve made from coconut cream, and in addition to being very tasty and actually good for you, the bowls you'll get here are also supremely attractive. So there's that.

Stop by for a coconut full of lemon-vanilla tart soft serve, then topped with blueberries, chocolate-sea salt granola, cacao, coconut chips and black sesame, then Instagram the hell out of it, if Instagramming coconuts is a thing that you do. 

Oct 4-Oct 8, Kokus Pop-Up at The Bowery Market, 348 Bowery (at E 3rd)

Ilana Dadras

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