Danny Meyer's Roman Coffee Joint Here. A Beautiful French Café There.

Exceptional People-Watching Over Nutella Crepes and Cappuccino

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

Some mornings you want to settle into a charming French café with an iced latte and a Nutella-stuffed crepe while watching the world (world, excess of attractive Soho inhabitants, same difference) go by. 

Other mornings you're trying to grab a quick espresso and cornetto and be on your merry way. 

We want you to know where to fill both of those very specific and very real needs.

And there just so happen to be a couple of new spots that'll do just that, open as of this very minute. So let's get into them... 

First up, we've got the French Block Café: a charming Parisian-influenced destination just a stone's throw from that La Esquina-Café Select triangle. Shortly thereafter, we've got Caffe Marchio, Danny Meyer's Roman-style coffee bar up in NoMad.

Here we'll break down said places for a caffeine fix... right now. That mid-afternoon slump isn't too far off. 

The Digs

The French Block Café: You remember the San Remo. This coffee spot has taken over the sun-drenched front space, adding some beautiful floral wallpaper, marble two-tops, a crepe station and stacks of French newspapers, Vogues and Tintin comics. The essentials. French music will play. French films (or soccer, should it be a notable game) will screen. It'll feel rather convincingly like a slice of the Left Bank in New York.

Caffe Marchio: You'll find this one tucked into the front space of The Redbury: a very Italian-leaning joint with a wooden bar to post up at with your espresso, unless you require the built-in shelves to work/not-work on your laptop at.

The Beverages

TFBC: In addition to a killer cold brew, that beautiful white espresso machine up front is churning out flat whites, lattes and hey, everything else you imagine might come out of an espresso machine. At night, swap out your coffee for a Pastis, Calvados, glass of rosé... 

CM: Similar situation here, with your quintessential espresso drinks and lavender mint teas in the mornings, then Aperol Spritzes, Negronis and Peronis at night. In a few weeks, they'll be opening a wine and fried apps spot across the hall. You know we'll keep you posted on that.

The Sustenance

TFBC: Some damn good crepes. From sweet ones filled with housemade salted caramel or homemade apple jam, to prosciutto galettes topped with arugula, balsamic glaze and truffle oil. The croissants and pain au chocolats are also in-house, and they're bringing in raw vegan treats... for those who prefer raw vegan treats. 

CM: If you're there closer to lunch, spring for the pizza bianca with zucchini, stracciatella, rucola and pesto. Trust us on that one. Breakfast, you'll make out just fine with any of the Roman-style pastries.

Now, if you don't like beautiful pastries and visually pleasing caffeinated beverages, you won't like this slideshow

You won't like that slideshow at all.

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