A Sexy Midtown West Gem. Craven Is the Name.

Gorgeous Garden Patio and All

By Ilana Dadras ·
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What do you get when you combine 6,000-square-feet of white brick and lush greenery, a sun-drenched patio and an excess of creatively crafted comfort food?

Many happy humans.

Well-fed people in an undeniably good-looking environment.

But more specifically, Craven: a massive and beautiful neighborhood gem for dinner and drinks with rumors of brunch being not too not far off. You know we'll keep you posted. It's open now in that sweet spot between Hudson Yards and Hell's Kitchen, courtesy of a Chinese Tuxedo co-owner and a nightlife vet behind the Lovage and Dream Hotel rooftops.

So yeah, the food here is of the "comfort" variety, split into sections called Craveables (Korean beef bulgogi kebab, beer-battered onion rings with French Onion soup dip), Shareables (Wagyu beef brisket tartare, jerk chicken wings) and Unforgettables (barbecued spareribs, your quintessential burger)—though we might argue those aren't mutually exclusive terms. 

You'll consume it all in a spacious mid-century style space that's all bright floral fabrics, high ceilings and huge hand-painted iguana murals, a chill sort of vacation vibe all around. (Looks at the place right here.) Unless, of course, you're out back enjoying the last few weeks of patio season, which is also a commendable option. 

Sorry, for mentioning the end of patio season just then.

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