Veza Sur Brewing Co.

Rejoice, Miami. Wynwood Now Has Frozen Beer.

Which You'll Conveniently Find at Veza Sur Brewing Co.

By Ginger Harris ·
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Ah, that magical time of summer when you can't walk from your house to your car without needing a shower.

And a beer.

A frosty, ice-cold beer.

The likes of which you will find in ample supply at Veza Sur Brewing Co., a new Wynwood brewery brought to you by a German brewmaster and the guys behind Bogota Beer Company and 10 Barrel Brewing Company. It's open now, and here's the slideshow.

Your first order of business will be to make your way to the enormous bar made of reclaimed driftwood and familiarize yourself with a glass of Chopp, a Brazilian beer that's served below freezing with a three-inch head and is available in both light and dark.

They've got 18 other beers on tap, too. There's one that tastes like guava. There's one that tastes like rich coffee. And there are beer cocktails (like micheladas from the Bar Lab people) that taste like beer cocktails.

Take in the taproom's surroundings as you sip. The books. The foliage. The South American accents. And when hunger strikes, make your way to the covered terrace toward Baja Bao, a permanent fixture of a food truck where buns and bowls abound.

Then maybe go back inside where it's less hellscape-y.
Ginger Harris

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Veza Sur Brewing Co.
55 NW 25th St
Miami, FL, 33127


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