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This Cannabis Chocolate Acts Faster Than The Average Edible

You've Got Places To Be, After All

By Hadley Tomicki ·
Tee-toking. That’s what we call a person who enjoys getting high, but completely avoids smoking or vaping. Maybe they’ve got messed up lungs or some saint renting their spare bedroom or something.

Whatever the reason, edible cannabis is the preferred THC delivery method for those who never inhale. It’s portable, discreet and safer on the respiratory system.

But edible marijuana comes with its challenges. It can take a noticeable while to get you high. And it can be tricky finding the precise dosage that works for you. A Colorado chocolate company called 1906 seeks to address these problems with a very specific line of edibles.

The first issue 1906 seeks to address is timing. Individuals generally want their drugs to act fast and don’t have an hour or two to get there. These chocolates claim some kind of “rapid delivery" system that makes the effects of their edibles hit you within fifteen to twenty minutes.

This means you can find your way to a concert, then consume your edibles, and begin peaking by the first song, previously something you had to be a astrophysicist to figure out. Or you can swallow a handful right when the previews start at your next movie, without worrying that a laser bike battle is going to pop off right when the drugs wear off.

As for dosage, 1906 seeks to address this by producing a very low-dose edible. Each piece comes in at a very light 5mg. As a 6’2”, 230-pound dude, I would need to swallow about ten of those to even approach the amount of high I want to be, but it’s probably a better strategy than making them too strong and asking new initiates to eyeball out a smaller amount. And should someone accidentally swallow one of these, they can be easily talked down. Or whatever.

1906 chocolates are also broken down in terms of the vibe or activities you’re hoping to achieve. They have a chocolate for sleep infused with other relaxing herbs called ‘Midnight,’ another named ‘High Love’ built for boning and a chocolate called ‘Go,’ presumably to replace your first cup of coffee at the office.

They currently do not have one called ‘Couchlock’ for watching a single episode of Game of Thrones over three and a half hours, but there are several more products on their way. Don’t give up hope just yet.
Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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