Jon Snow's Daenerys Mixtape

What Do You Give to the Queen Who Has It All?

By Thompson Brandes ·
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The artifacts presented below come to us straight from trusted hands of the Citadel’s finest Maesters. The views and choice music digs expressed here are Jon Snow's and Jon Snow's alone.  

Your Grace,

Before Sir Jorah and I venture beyond the cold tundras of the Wall, I wanted to give you one last gift, should I not be able to return with what I have promised. I realize I may have come off a little cold at times at Dragonstone. I guess I’ve never really been much for words of passion, especially with the daunting task at hand. But everything I wanted to say, wanted to do, wanted to show… is right here in this mix CD I burnt off Tormund’s Dell. (I titled it, “Fire Mix” lol.) Anyway, I hope it finds and suits you well. I will see you again one day soon.

Came Back to Life Once,


I feel like this song just… gets me.


Sincerely, for the dragonglass.

Every time you tell me to bend the knee lol.

NEVERRRR lol but still, classic Boyz II Men. Really hits home right now.

"Free smoke! Free smoke!" haha you when you fucking toasted that nerd Dickon.

All evil aside, the Night King is kind of a funky dude.

Sometimes I’ll ride through the countryside listening to Rihanna just feeling like the baddest bitch in Westeros. Also happen to be super good at oral sex. Just food for thought.

Who knows when this will be, you know?

House Stark, bitch haha jk jk don’t light me on fire.

Good cave music.


Haha you should have seen the look on the Night’s Watch faces when I walked out to this song after coming back to—


Just a groovy “burning things” tune.

But seriously, I do my best work in caves.

Got so juiced to this before the Battle of the Bastards.

Jaime when he saw you and Drogon roast that loot train lol.

Whether it be the old gods or the new.

Anytime someone called me a fool up at Castle Black I would just put this on and have a good laugh and a dance.

Hahaha you get it.

Well? Can you?

Whewwww lordy goddamn Ginuwine really was the shit.

What the—how did this get in here?

Sometimes I’ll throw this on and just brood and brood.

The Hound was NOT having it when I tried to name our north-of-the-wall squad “Snow Patrol”.

Sometimes I think about how 21 Savage said “I’ve been hangin’ with the dead people,” and just cry at the stars.

Jorah amirite? Lol.

Everything you need to know is right here (in this classic Kanye West sample).
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