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Charitable Veganness From a Union Square Café Vet

Doing Good, Tasting Good

By Ilana Dadras ·
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You can feel good about eating at any place that...

A) Is completely vegan.

B) Donates profits to worthy causes.

C) Has a Union Square Café alum in the kitchen, because that will make it taste good.

The answer is always D, all of the above, at P.S. Kitchen: the latest in plant-based restaurants that will also give all their money to charity, now open in Midtown.

It's got a charming sort of feel, an interior that looks like a fair amount of thought and dare we say a romantic touch were applied. White-washed brick, floral arrangement atop the white marble bar, intricate antiqued mirror, cheeky pink neon sign, the likes of which we cannot escape these days. You're damn right dates will go well here. Looks at the place, right this way.

Your chef responds to Gary Barawidan, and if you don't know, you now know that he opened Avant Garden and spent time at Union Square Café, Locanda Verde and Per Se. A vegan himself, he's made for you a menu full of things like Ginger Rice Congee, a Filipino rice pudding dish with sautéed shiitake and pink oyster mushrooms, orzo alfredo with broccoli purée and a caramelized fennel tartine with cashew crème.

As mentioned, all profits are going to charities that benefit the homeless, help improve the lives of workers in developing countries and other such worthy causes you can read about right here. Or just trust your dollars are going somewhere good.

And we might suggest a nightcap at Coup, since once you start eating and drinking for charity, hell, you may as well continue.
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