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Here’s Something You've Never Thought Of Doing With Bourbon and Hot Dogs

Because It’s National Hot Dog Day

By Najib Benouar ·

Today is National Hot Dog Day.

But you knew that.


So, go ahead and fix yourself a nice, classic Chicago-style dog, then pour yourself a big jar of bourbon and then...


Dump that hot dog—fixings and all—into that jar of bourbon, seal it, put it all into a fridge for a few days and then see what happens when you drink it.


That’s the idea, basically, behind the hot dog-infused whiskey Jim Beam and Vienna Beef have conjured up for this special day.


It’s an idea so crazy it just might work. Or taste like the bottom of a street meat cart after a week—at 80 proof. The thought is that the dogs will impart their hickory smoked meatiness, the sport peppers will add some briny spice and the bourbon will add the all-important reason to drink it at all (and then continue to drink it to erase any memory of your failed experiment should it go horribly awry).


If you’re brave enough to give it a try, here’s the infusion instructions and a recipe for turning it into a cocktail, if you get that far:

Chicago-Style Hot Dog Bourbon Cocktail

To create the Chicago Hot Dog Infused Jim Beam:


o   Pour 1 750mL bottle of Jim Beam White into large jar

o   Add 2 Vienna Beef Hot Dogs (sliced in long quarters)

·Combine with:

o   8 small sport peppers

o   1 tbsp relish

o   1 tsp celery salt

·Let the infusion sit in the refrigerator for 4-5 days

·Strain the bourbon liquid once ready to serve


To create the cocktail:


o   2 parts of Chicago Style Hot Dog infused Jim Beam

o   .75 parts fresh lemon juice

o   .75 parts simple syrup

Let us know how it turns out. We may try it ourselves, if we can stop from just eating the hotdog and drinking all the bourbon first.

Najib Benouar

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