Morning Sunshine 7.12.17

Stranger Things | Game of Thrones Bets | Wu Tang's Wrath | More to Wake Up to

Rub those eyes. Toast that toast. Trash those emails. This is the cultural landscape you've woken up to on July 12, 2017...

Stranger Things comes back October 27th, and there's a sweet new poster to prove it. 

Waging War
The great oddsmakers of the Vegas desert have cast their stones for who'll sit on the throne at the end of the upcoming (Sunday) season of Game of Thrones. Put your ducats on Davos Seaworth and make a bundle at 50/1.

The whole weird, infuriating saga of Martin Shkreli getting that one-of-a-kind Wu Tang album is now the subject of a book.

Get Out
Mustering all its wisdom and scientific muscle, Travel + Leisure has named San Miguel de Allende, Mexico the best city in the world for 2017. The ratings are skewed heavily toward plazas. 

Your secretary of education, Betsey DeVos, has finally figured out how to end the campus rape problem: meet with men's rights groups

Check out our favorite looks from Day two of New York Fashion Week: Men's 

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