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Greenwich Village Classic Dante Has a Sexy New Sister Spot

You’ve Got to See This Negroni Fountain

By Ilana Dadras ·
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There is a place in Little Italy where your Negronis flow freely from silver spouts, tableside tiramisu service is standard, and all your wild boar parpardalle dreams come to fruition.

It’s a place called Dante at Genuine: a collaboration in which the beloved and ancient Italian Greenwich Village café has taken over the California-inspired eatery-slash-bar, now open down on the corner of Mulberry and Grand.

This whole situation gives us mixed feelings: a healthy dose of nostalgia for Genuine’s chicken sandwiches, but excitement for quality pastas and free-flowing Negronis. You’ll find, in its new form, it’s a summer-y date spot, a casual group dinner option and a place to hit for happy hours that involve sparkling watermelon-vodka beverages and trips to said oversized Negroni fountain.

So come and join the mix of locals, burrata fiends and inevitable neighborhood tourists. Begin with an aptly titled Summer 2017 (vodka, lillet rosé, strawberry, rhubarb, watermelon and sparkling cava rosé) before ordering some burrata with crushed spring peas and basil oil for the table. And/or soft-shell crab with yogurt tartar. And/or a spicy lamb sausage and arugula topped flatbread. The menu was crafted by Dante’s chef de cuisine, and as such, it’s full of enticing options. Have a look.

This slideshow’s got visions of the aforementioned fountain and a killer orecchiette with pesto and pickled ramps, so you might want to check that out, too.

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