Say Hello to Flagship, an Utter Gem of a Seafood Spot

The Drinks. The Crudo. The Incredibly Summery Everything.

By Ilana Dadras ·
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It’s the newest place out east for open-air dates right on the marina.

Said dates will involve consuming charred squid with passion fruit, lobster-scallop-black truffle pasta and cocktails mixed by a man who is low-key one of the best mixologists around.

Said dates are going to be a success for all of the above reasons.

So off you head to Flagship, a winner of a new seafood spot that’s open now in Montauk.

This place is the third opening from the father-son duo behind East Hampton’s Bay Kitchen Bar, and it’s got a strong summer beach house vibe: with high, sloping ceilings lined with bamboo, turquoise leather booths surrounding deep walnut tables, watercolor wallpaper depicting massive ferns and flora, and a quintessential neon script sign you’ll be seeing on Instagram before too long. Maybe most importantly, a glorious wraparound porch.

Let’s imagine you there, across from a date, both looking particularly sun-kissed on this breezy imaginary evening, dressed in your finest linens. You ask for a Dance Fight (Cachaça, watermelon, strawberry and basil) and your date goes with a pisco-lavender-butterfly pea flower tea, which apparently is an actual tea. Once drinks are in the works, you may ask for torched fatty bass crudo before moving on to a lobster spring roll or seared dayboat scallops. It’s mostly local and it’s mostly seafood, and you really can’t go wrong. Here are all the ways you can’t go wrong.

And through here, you’ll find a healthy mix of the space and tasty things from its surrounding waters.

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