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Anne Burrell’s Doing Things in Cobble Hill

By Ilana Dadras ·
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Today, in places to sit beneath shimmering orange walls patterned with records and microphones with a heaping plate of glazed Korean shortribs...

[pauses for breath]

Phil & Anne’s Good Time Lounge: a friendly neighborhood spot that wants you to drink something summery, share some (maybe healthy, but probably not) plates and generally have a good time while doing so, now open in Cobble Hill.

But who are Phil and Anne, anyway. Fair question. This spot’s the brainchild of a couple buddies: chef Anne Burrel—who you’ve seen on TV before, cooking, judging cooking and having awesome hair—and Phil Casaceli, who runs the always-a-good-time Daddy-O.

It’s divvied up into a couple different spaces; you might find yourself sipping a Ma Parker (gin, yellow chartreuse, fresh pineapple) up at the front bar, posted up at a two-top on the long green banquette peering into the open kitchen, or in the more intimate back area under some psychedelic paisley wallpaper, hanging with a friend or two. If you haven’t noticed, this place has killed the wallpaper game.

Wherever you sit, you’ll have to make choices like focaccia with housemade ricotta and pistachio pesto or grilled pizettas with spicy sausage and pickled hot cherry peppers. There’s also some heavier stuff like harissa-crused lamb chops and double-stacked burgers. It’s all meant for sharing, so one could make an argument for all of the above.

Utility-wise, we’ll lay it out real clear. Important first dates: Nah. Early-ish evening drinks before heading out with a group: For sure. Boisterous birthday dinners in that back room: Yes.

Or, sure, make your own calls after taking a look around.
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