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Your Butcher’s Feast Awaits

By Ilana Dadras ·
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Cote is the Korean word for flower, and it is also the word used to describe a particularly marbled and lovely cut of steak. Those, there, are two facts you didn’t plan on absorbing on this Tuesday afternoon.

Cote is also the name of this gorgeous Korean steakhouse, which is open now in Flatiron and ready to host you and five or so friends sometime very, very soon. (A fact of the slightly more expected, and slightly more useful variety.)

Let’s see. Yeah, we see you using this as a group dinner spot, heading over midweek with a few people who appreciate a fine steak. And considering the location, if those few people are from your place of employment, that’d make a lot of sense. Whatever the case, you’ll be claiming one of those u-shaped gray booths encircling a marble table with a promising golden grill in the center of it. So go ahead, and settle into this mental image for a second.

Now, let’s order you a Hibiscus Swizzle (two rums, hibiscus liquor, Italian aperitif blend, lime, entertaining name) and maybe a shrimp cocktail or steak tartare with pickled mustard seed and pear for the table. From there, the Butcher’s Feast is the way to go. It’s a rotating selection of the chef’s favorite cuts from the dry-aging room downstairs: maybe, say, some rib-eye, sirloin, tenderloin and marinated shortrib. Whatever’s good that day. When it arrives, you’ll cook it the way you like, just like you usually do at Korean steakhouses (though not usually with full goddamn steaks).

And should you feel the need, go ahead and add some thick-cut bacon, additional meat or spicy-tart stew with kimchi and pork belly to the mix.

Hell, maybe even a vegetable.
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