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Williamsburg’s Very Own Egg Shop

Bigger, Brighter, Still Full of Eggs

By Ilana Dadras ·
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Some mornings you just want to grab a mediocre bacon, egg and cheese on a soft Kaiser roll and be on your way.

This isn’t about those mornings.

This is about the times you squeeze in a pre-work pit stop to Egg Shop—the new one though—now open in Williamsburg for breakfast tacos, midday ranchero burritos and later-in-the-day frozen margaritas. Let’s get into it all, right now.

The space you’re working with here is a bright, white-washed spot off Bedford, with the front doors and windows open to the summer breeze (or lackthereof). It’s prime Williamsburg real estate: a bit bigger and more design-y than the original outpost, with some real subtle egg-inspired elements. Note the white-and-yellow floor tiles, teethy smile logo featuring a single yellow tooth, that oval marble table with the yellow center.

It would be weird if it didn’t have a breakfast vibe, so it does. But the menu’s got a bit of everything: in addition to the spicy fried chicken (and egg) sandwiches, charred broccoli-feta-avocado (and egg) burritos, and French toast with dark chocolate ganache you expect, you’ll later in the day see things like yolk-stuffed burrata with crispy chickpeas and Thai-style kelp noodles with coconut-curry butter and duck egg. Menu’s right here.

Photos of all that, right this way.
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