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Blue Ribbon Hits the Cosmopolitan, With Vegas Twists

Thousand Dollar Seafood Towers, Hot Sauce-Spiked Mezcal and Oxtail Marmalade

By Sam Eichner ·
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Important Revelation Not Shared in James Comey’s Testimony to Congress This Morning: the Bromberg brothers, famous for their 25-year-old Soho institution, Blue Ribbon Brasserie, are opening a location inspired by the original at the Cosmopolitan today.


That really could’ve gone either way...

Fortunately, this is all about you eating delicious French-American fare (with the occasional Asian flourish) at a mahogany table under fancy chandeliers, and not the current/future state of humankind.

Now, you may recall that Blue Ribbon Sushi used to occupy this very space right here. Which was nice. But it did not offer you the Bromberg’s legendary beef marrow and oxtail marmalade, fried chicken or pu-pu platters, replete with BBQ chicken wings, pork spare ribs, sesame shrimp and pierogis. And that needed addressing.

So you’ll want to come here with a sizeable group. To taste some of those staples with their mezcal-based cocktails, as well some of the exclusive-to-Vegas stuff.

Exhibit A:
for the moderately ambitious, there’s the new bourbon-glazed prime rib of pork.
Exhibit B: for the extremely ambitious, there’s the Cosmopolitan—a $999, multi-tiered seafood platter that includes two whole lobsters, Siberian caviar and a bottle of Veuve.

We rest our case.
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