The City’s Very Own Emily, for Pizza

Grandma Pies to Take the West Village, Your Mouth By Storm

By Ilana Dadras ·
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At last, the pizza gods have heard your prayers.

Oh, that wasn’t you?

Got it.

Well, the pizza gods have heard some other person who prays to pizza gods’ prayers.

And they’ve thoughtfully bestowed upon us all a brand new location of the much-loved, much-hyped pizza spot Emily. It’s opening tomorrow in the West Village for dinner, with lunch coming by the end of the month (ish). Here’s what to expect going in:

—A well-sunlit corner that looks like it’s home to the hip pizzeria it is home to. Brick walls, wooden tables, the occasional hanging plant, the like. A downstairs area for additional pizza consumption. Views of the space and its consumables, right this way.

—A double-stack version of your beloved Emmy Burger: pretzel bun, cheddar, carmelized onions, special sauce and all. Nothing’s changed.

—Local rotating brews and a curated wine list prime for pizza pairing. A cocktail list is also coming along.

—A wood-burning oven churning out cheesy, crunchy Detroit-style grandma pies—a bit thinner than the ones you’ll find in Williamsburg.

—Other pies, more similar to the ones you’ll find across the bridge.

—A framed art piece depicting pizza and puppies.

—A framed art piece depicting donuts and dinos.

Which, in itself, is a concept we’d like to see realized.
Ilana Dadras

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