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This Is Fort Greene Dating at Its Finest

Mediterranean Goodness on a Glorious Brooklyn Patio

By Ilana Dadras ·
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It’s Tuesday afternoon.

The kind of sunny spring Tuesday afternoon that may cause visions of pisco cocktails and hummus in a charming Brooklyn backyard to dance about in your head.

Of course, should any visions fail to dance, we have some of our own to share.

Also, glad you’re not insane.

Anyway, on to Miss Ada. It’s a promising new date spot for nights that require exceptional Mediterranean and it’s open now in Fort Greene.

We see you coming here on a temperate evening not unlike tonight with someone you’re quite fond of. We see you heading past the marble-topped wooden bar to peer into an open kitchen on your right, before marching straight out onto the back patio. We see you claiming a two-top and taking a moment to feel the open air swirl around you. We see you acquiring a couple of pisco-cucumber-serrano cocktails (they call them Veridians around these parts) and drinking them.

Then we see you ordering a whole lot of goodness crafted by their native-Israeli, Bar Bolonat-vet chef: your menu’s here, and you’d be all the wiser for having a look at it. But before that, we see you heading into this slideshow, which will continue your hypothetical journey with visual accompaniments. 

See you on the other side.
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