Esther & Carol

Art Deco-Heavy Good Times Await You at Esther & Carol

Ribeyes and Pork Chops Upstairs. Drinks in the Recording Studio Lounge Downstairs.

By Ilana Dadras ·
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This spot might contain the most impressive bar you’ve seen all year.

At the very least, the most impressive bar that most makes you feel like you're drinking brandy-spiked matcha inside of a Dalí painting.

We speak of Esther & Carol: a haven for good food and good times after consuming said good food, opening tonight in Nolita.

Here’s what you’ll need to know about it... 

There are a few different concepts afoot.
You’ll do your drinking-and-eating upstairs, your drinking-and-dancing downstairs and soon, your grabbing-of-burgers through their planned to-go operation on Bowery. (That’s slated to open by the end of the month.)

The guys behind this spot are no rookies.
They’ve collectively been involved in places like La Esquina, The Box, Balthazar and Dead Rabbit.

Your food will be pretty bistro-esque. But maybe a little bit more healthy.
Think Caesar salads with crispy artichokes, jus-soaked pork chops with stuffed plums and ribeyes with bone marrow-whipped potatoes. Okay, sure, it’s not really that healthy.

They've got some elaborate cocktails to consider.
Like a green matcha-brandy concoction with grapefruit cordial, lemongrass bitters and fresh sage. You can also just have a whiskey.

Its rather good-looking all-around.
What with all the floor-to-ceiling windows, curved tufted booths and that aforementioned bar. Then downstairs is a red-lit den prime for posting up with friends under a portrait of Biggie (made of pills, no less), dancing with wild abandon under the disco ball or watching someone jam on stage.

But dont take our word for it.
Take a look at the place right here.
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