Scott Conant's Latest is Classy as Hell

It Comes in the Form of a Particularly Elegant Italian Spot

By Ilana Dadras ·
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Ladies, gentlemen, duck agnolotti enthusiasts, gather round.

For Scott Conant's latest is upon us.

It goes by Fusco, it's unapologetically elegant, and it's open at this very moment in Gramercy.

The spot was named after Conant's grandmother, which we share because of its inherent preciousness and...yeah, just that. The space itself is on the smaller side and has a formal, dark-leather-and-white-tablecloth vibe—studded with crystal chandeliers, tufted banquettes and tufted walls because hey, maybe the banquettes didn't sufficiently hit the tuft quota. But seriously, it's attractive.

It's the type of restaurant you might book for some sort of forthcoming family holiday-related outing (hint, nudge, suggestive eyebrow raise) and take over one of the corner booths. Order a Negroni Spezzato (gin, dry vermouth, rinomato, lemon, honey) for yourself, maybe a Enzo for pops (grappa, rye whiskey, thyme). Be the one who orders stromboli for the table. From there, you can get five courses family-style, try the seven-course tasting menu, or just start asking for things like truffled pea Caesar salads, lamb ragu-turnip garganelli and hazelnut tart souffle as you feel the need. Menu's got more on all of that.

Now, for the slideshowness of it all.
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