Look What Locanda Verde and Employees Only Alums Have for You Here

A Cavernous Dinner Spot and Veritable Encyclopedia of Drinks

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Should your weekend schedule have any gaping holes that can only be filled with slow-roased pork adobo, an Almond Joy-inspired layer cake and/or no less than 1,000 spirits, catalogued in a multi-volume encyclopedia and housed in a floor-to-ceiling glass library wall, 1) wow, and 2) have we got some news for you.

And that, there, was our extremely specific introduction into Bowery Road and the Library of Distilled Spirits, a cavernous restaurant and its sister cocktail spot, both open now just south of Union Square. Now let’s break it all down:

Bowery Road
In short: A massive bi-level spot with leather banquettes, wood paneling, and a 30-foot chandelier that’s open all day for, well, whatever you might want to use it for. Chef Ron Rosselli’s behind the menu. He’s got Locanda Verde and the Standard Grill under his belt.
Why you’ll find yourself here: One of those big, family-style dinners. Some mid-day jerk chicken. A strong desire for post-work fava bean-hummus.
What you’ve got to order: We’ll go with the rhubarb granita (hibiscus-poached rhubarb is a magical thing).
The booze situation: An Employees Only alum and Kyle Tran from the Aviary (Chicago cocktail mecca) have you covered with drinks like the Roebling Cocktail (rum, amaro montenegro, root beer syrup).

Library of Distilled Spirits
In short: The adjacent lounge flush with with an insanely impressive drink selection, courtesy of that aforementioned cocktail dream team.
Why you’ll find yourself here: They’ve got a collection of a thousand unique spirits, all spelled out in an encyclopedia and housed in a glowing 16-by-20-foot library wall. The name is making more sense now, isn’t it.
What you’ve got to order: You’ll be given a menu of seasonal drinks and a longer cocktail book, split into sections by spirit. You’ve got over 150 classics to choose from. So we say just see where the night takes you (but do note the dual-rum drink topped with shaved truffles).
The food situation: Things that pair well with booze. Blood orange-and-basil burrata, steak tartare with crispy sunchokes, that sort of thing.

Bonus: None of it is outdoors.
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