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Welcome to Out East, Full of Crudo and Enviable Sofas

These Very Well Might Be the Beach-iest Vibes in the East Village

By Ilana Dadras ·
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An excess of artfully plated crudo. Sumac-blood orange-tequila cocktails. Plush wraparound pink sofas. A glass atrium-like back room, the roof delightfully sprinkled with cherry blossoms. A floor tiled to emulate a wave crashing up against the stairs.

Such are the things you’ll find at Out East, a gem of a seafood-centric spot from the Stanton Social and Beauty & Essex team, now open in the East Village. 

If you’ve been to Charlie Bird (you’ve been to Charlie Bird), know that they’ve borrowed one Timothy Meyers to man the kitchen here. He’s doing things like black bass carapaccio with strawberry, rose and pistachio, and like grilled parpardelle with rabbit and roasted rosemary, and like the many other drool-worthy items you’ll find on their menu and in your slideshow.

Also in there: A bar where you’ll look up to see wooden beams emulating a boardwalk and down for a deep blue floor meant to simulate the sea. An 1855 first-edition map of Long Island. A second, sort of home-y bar decorated with a framed Warhol print, Bruce Springsteen records and nautical games.

Not in there: the killer music selection curated by one of the owners (if you see Peter Kane, thank him) and its essential perfection as a summer date spot.

For that, you’ll have to trust us.
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