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Lunch Like Only the Eleven Madison Park Guys Know How

Not Surprisingly, These Salads Are Prettier Than Most

By Ilana Dadras ·
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In your ever-evolving landscape of midday sustenance options, when all your local Dig Inns and Sweetgreens and Chopts have been patronized to exhaustion, you’ll have this mecca of beautiful salads crafted by the Eleven Madison Park/NoMad guys.

This mecca called Made Nice. It’s opening today in NoMad.

... And such is the fate of your spring ’17 lunching.

It’s a classic bright and spacious dining situation, with an open kitchen and a significant amount of Shepard Fairey’s art on the walls. The kind of place where you might not mind actually sitting down with a salad and a coworker (or not-coworker) and taking a bona fide lunch break. Find some views of the space and its food right here.

Now, while you have hitherto associated these guys with legendary multicourse tasting menus, you’ll find that qualifies them well for making things like curried cauliflower stew (couscous, tofu, watercress, coconut, almonds) and salmon rösti (frisée salad, smoked salmon, potato croutons, buttermilk vinaigrette). For lunch, you’re mostly looking at various bowls better than the type you could have built yourself—but if you swing by past five, they’ll also be gracing tables with roasted half-chickens and lemon-parmesan stuffing. Expect thirst to be quenched by sparkling cranberry-ginger juice, rosé on tap or an Evil Twin brew made especially for them. Whatever works. Menu’s here, with more on all that.

See you in line.
Ilana Dadras

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Made Nice
8 W 28th St
(between 5th and Broadway)
New York, NY, 10001


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