Du’s Donuts and Coffee

Wylie Dufresne Is a Donut Man Now

Welcome to the New Longest Line in Town

By Geoff Rynex ·
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Look at all these Wylie Dufresne donuts at Du’s Donuts and Coffee, the new endless line ambitious cake donutery that opens Wednesday in that big glass structure across from (and that is part of) the William Vale.

Highlights include:
—a whole hell of a lot of natural morning light.
—a rotating list of donut types.
—a forthcoming cocktail program and accompanying cocktail-inspired donuts.
—coffee milk, a Rhode Island specialty composed of milk and coffee syrup.
—the newly acquired knowledge that Rhode Island has a specialty.

Current donut flavors expertly pulled off by Wylie include:
—Banana Graham (no relation to Scrabble cousin Bananagrams)
—Malted Coffee
—Pistachio Pink Lemonade
—more than those

Well, go on...

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Bonus 2: We went to the Gorillaz pop-up yesterday. In case you were thinking about doing the same, here’s what it’s like.
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Du’s Donuts and Coffee
at the William Vale
107 N 12th St
(at Wythe)
Brooklyn, NY, 11249


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