The Finest Tiki Drinks in San Francisco

Let’s Get You Some Pre–Tax Day Rum

By Joe Starkey
Tomorrow’s Tax Day.

And the way we see it, there are two ways you can choose to handle this situation:

1) Shrivel into a corner and wait for it to go away.

2) Engage in a citywide tour de force of tiki drink discovery.

Oh, good, you chose the number that leads you directly to the Finest Tiki Drinks in San Francisco, a slideshow of majestic tropical concoctions, some of which are on fire, one of which is served in a plastic bag...

And all of which can be found right here.

Joe Starkey is the tallest person in the room 90% of the time. He enjoys liquors that aren’t smoky, dive bars that are, and has a vague dread that someone, somewhere might be having more fun than him.

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